What is Hemp Flower?

Hemp flower is the fruit that grows on the hemp plant. Because hemp is part of the cannabis family, its flower is rich in cannabinoids making it a valuable product to sell directly to consumers or to transformed into CBD products. Go here if you need to buy Hemp CBD Flower near me.

Popular Hemp Flower Strains

Just like cannabis or tomatoes, multiple strains of hemp flower exist. Each strain has its unique taste and cannabinoids profile, however federally legal hemp shouldn’t excess 0.3% THC on the dry weight.

Hawaiian Haze Hemp Flower

Called after its tropical and citrusy smell, the Hawaiian Haze is a popular strain to use in social setting or during your relaxation time.

Cherry Mom Hemp Flower

The Cherry Mom is also called the “Happy Strain” for its relaxing and mood enhancer benefits. Recommended for evening use, it’s a great way to take the edge off naturally after a stressfull day.

Lifter Hemp Flower

A popular uplifting and motivating strain that people love using during the day. Put your anxiety on the side and focus on getting things done with this Hemp strain.

Bubba Kush Hemp Flower

The bubba kush hemp strain is very similar to the cannabis strain with the same name, without the THC level. It’s a great alternative to cannabis flower.

Where to Buy Hemp Flower?

You can buy Hemp Flower online from Brands like Flowerz. You can also use CBD MAP to find out where to buy CBD flower near me.

When buying Hemp Flower online, make sure you understand the difference between.

Indoor vs Outdoor Hemp Flower

Hemp flower can be grown both indoor and outdoor, yet there a some differences on the final product and its usage.

Growing outdoor yield to very tall and leafy hemp plants. It is a great way to mass-produced hemp for fiber or cannabinoids extraction, but it’s usually not the best for smokeable hep flower.

Indoor Hemp flower on the opposite can grow a delicious flower to enjoy. The controlled environment allows optimizing for premium flower yield and larger buds. Indoor hemp flower is usually less dry, less leafy, and doesn’t have any seeds in it.