If you are looking for recommendations to buy CBD flower, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled the best strains of CBD flower available for shopping on CBD MAP.

The Best CBD Flower of 2020 (Hemp Only)

All the flower products mentioned below are Hemp CBD Flower containing less than 0.3% THC and federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. This means you can buy CBD flower now with your credit card and get it shipped discreetly to your home – IT’S LEGAL.

Hawaiian Haze: The Best CBD Flower

Sativa dominant strain of CBD flower and 1st place winner at the High Times Hemp Cup 2020. The name comes from its tropical flavors and smells with citrus, pineapples, and mangoes aromas blend together.

Like most CBD products in general, it’s great to use to relax and forget about stress. The Hawaiian Haze is specifically recommended by users for social anxiety and focus making it a great strength for the daytime and evening with friends.

Cherry Mom: The Best Evening Strain

Also called the “Happy Strain”, Cherry Mom is perfect to wind down after a stressful day. It is a very potent CBD strain with body relaxing effects and a euphoric mindset. The delicious and refreshing cherry aromas with sweet & peppery flavors. Considered an “Indica-like” CBD strain, this is ideal for a relaxing time and movie nights.

Lifter: The Best Daytime Strain

Just like the name suggests, Lifter is a popular CBD flower for people looking to buy CBD flower with an uplifting and motivating CBD strain. Ideal during the day, the Lifter CBD Flower will surprise you with sweet and funky aromas with hints of citrus flavor.

Bubba Kush: The Best Cannabis Substitute

Bubba Kush has a delicious earthy but smooth taste with a hint of sweetness that reminds cannabis aromas. This CBD Flower provides body & mind tranquility and is mostly used during the evening or before bed. The relaxing effects will help you relax and get a rested night.

If you are trying to quit or lower your THC consumption. this strain is a great alternative.

Pre-Rolls: The Best CBD Flower for Beginners

You want to try CBD flower but don’t know how to roll? Go for CBD pre-rolls.

And in case you are wondering if someone “licked” your joint – don’t worry. Pre-rolls are not “rolled” by humans, the cones are industrially made and filled later on by the CBD flower company using a specific machine. No saliva involved!

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