Do you wonder how you can use CBD Flower? If you don’t smoke, don’t worry CBD flower can also be gently inhaled using a vaporizer. It’s a simple and natural way to consume your flower if you follow these few tips.

Step 1 – Get a vaporizer

To vape your CBD flower, you will need to use a DRY HERB or HERBAL VAPORIZER. A dry herb vaporizer is specifically made to heat-up dry flower hot enough to liberate the cannabinoids without actually burning the flower. If you are new to this, simply follow our recommendations.

Our Pick: Pulsar APX Herbal Vaporizer

Very easy to use and reliable, this is our best recommendation if you don’t have an herbal vaporizer. There is only one button to use and multiple temperature options to vape your flower. It’s not fancy but it’s also the best option for moderate budgets.


Step 2 – Prepare your CBD Flower

Now that you are equipped, it’s time to get your CBD flower ready! Not all CBD Flowers are the same quality – so you might be able to skip some of the following steps if your Flower is on point 👍

1 – Grab a bud and trim it.

This means removing the stalks and dry leaves to keep only the flower. These parts don’t smell great when heated and it will mask the nice aromas of your CBD Flower. Don’t hesitate to break the flower in smaller pieces to remove unwanted pieces in the middle.

2 – Look out for seeds

CBD Flower is often grown outdoor, it’s possible that you find some seeds in your flower. Remove them all because they can taste very bad when heated as well.

3 – Grind your flower

No that you removed all undesired part, it’s time to grind into smaller pieces. First because your buds need to get into the tank your vaporizer, second because small pieces allow the heat to circulate and vaporize all of the flower inside. Think about broiling a roast in the over, the center will remain raw if you don’t slice it in smaller pieces.

4 – Filling your vaporizer tank

Now it’s time to fill your vaporizer with the ground CBD flower. Leave some space on the top and avoid compressing the flower by stacking and pushing it inside your tank. The vaporizer heat is like the wind, the more it circulates the more vape you will get.

5 – Time to heat it up!

You’ve done all the hard work. Now it’s time to find your spot to enjoy your CBD Flower. The vaporizer will take it from there.

Set your temperature between 350F to 420F and let your flower heat for up to 1 minute.

Vaporize until there is nor more vape going out or if the vape starts tasting like burnt popcorn.

CBD boiling point is at 356F while CBN is at 365F. If your flower is dryer, aim for a lower heat to start. If you noticed your flower was a bit humid when your grind it then use a higher heat.

Instruction for APEX VAPE:

  • Place the mouthpiece on top of the tank
  • Press 5 time the button to turn on your vaporizer
  • Hold the button for 5 seconds to switch to the next temperature
  • Set the temperature to 374F and wait
  • The vaporizer will gently vibrate and the light will become still when the device reaches the desired temperature
  • Allow 30 to 45 seconds for the Flower to heat up
  • Take a hit
  • If you need more vape, hold the button 5 seconds to heat the flower a bit more.
  • Wait until the device vibrates and allow 30 seconds to heat.

6 – Clean up time

When you are done or if you need a second dose, simply empty the tank. Every 5 uses – brush and soak the removable pieces of your vaporizer as the oil from the flower is sticky.

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