Do you need help shopping for CBD? This guide highlights what to look for when shopping for CBD products. Avoid the headache and follow these tips to shop like a pro!

1 – First things first, pick the right type of CBD product for you

Are you trying to find a natural way to relax? Something better to recover from your workout? Or a new nighttime ritual for a good sleep? 

CBD is now available in many forms to make it easier than ever to try. Based on the results you expect and the application that fits you the most, find out what kind of CBD products is right for you

Most Common CBD Products

🟣 CBD oil aka tinctures to use sublingually or on your skin

🟣 CBD flowers to smoke or vaporize like the real one

🟣 CBD vape available as a disposable pen, a vape cartridge or an additive to your electronic cigarette

🟣 CBD edibles like gummy bears or chocolate bar

🟣 CBD topicals to apply on your body

🟣 CBD dissolvable as a powder or liquid to add to any drinks

🟣 CBD for pets because our furry friends also deserve to be healthy

Take our quiz to find out what kind of CBD is right for you

Or read this infographic to compare the different method to get CBD in your body

CBD infographic – what kind of CBD is right for you? Click to download – © CBD MAP

2 – Understand the differences in quality of CBD products

Now that you identified the type of CBD products you need, it’s time to compare! Not all CBD are equivalent based on the quality of the plant, the CBD extraction method, and the other ingredients present in the end product.

Different types of hemp extract:

Full Spectrum

Full Spectrum hemp extracts include CBD + other natural ingredients present in the plant such as other cannabinoids and terpenes.

🟣 CBD seems to work better with other cannabinoids and terpenes – it’s called the Entourage Effects.
🟣 The end-products contain less than 0.3% THC – Be aware that THC could show up on a drug test if you use full spectrum-CBD often.
🟣 The plant smell/taste is present if no flavoring has been added.

Broad Spectrum

Broad spectrum CBD products are made from a full spectrum hemp extract that has been modified to remove all trace of THC.

🟣 Benefits from other cannabinoids and terpenes naturally present
🟣 No risk to fail a drug test – check the lab result to make sure THC has been Non-Detected (ND)
🟣 The plant smell/taste is present if no flavoring has been added.


CBD isolate is a powder extracted from the plant containing +95% CBD. It’s the purest and concentrated form of CBD meaning that no other cannabinoids and terpenes as been extracted.

🟣 Almost tastless. Ideal to make edibles, drinks etc…
🟣 No THC = no risk of failing a drug test
🟣 Ideal to create concentrated CBD products

Tips: Check the lab report to find out what kind of extract has been used to create the product. The Cannabinoids Test will show:

– THC in low doses for Full Spectrum products

– CBD + other cannabinoids for Broad Spectrum products

– Only CBD for Isolate products

Different formulations

CBD is not the only things that matters in a quality products. Manufacturers could use additional ingredients and technology to create a more efficient products.

Added ingredients

Many CBD products are combining additional active ingredients to help you get the effects you need.

🟣 CBD + Melatonin for sleep
🟣 CBD + Vitamins for energy/mood
🟣 CBD + Tumeric for inflammation
🟣 CBD + Arnica for muscle recovery
🟣 CBD + Terpenes to enhance the entourage effect

Technology used

Making CBD products could be as complex as creating pharmaceutical products. Several brands developed nanotechnologies to enhance the absorption of CBD in your body.

🟣 Faster absorption will allow feeling the effect of CBD sooner.
🟣 Higher bioavailability will allow more CBD to enter your system.

3 – Find a trusted brand

Because of the lack of regulation in the CBD industry, it is important to get your CBD from a trusted source. Visit a CBD store near you or follow these tips to find a trusted brand:

Transparency is a must

All brands listed on CBD MAP had their products lab tested by a 3rd party. A trusted brand would make their lab results easily available on their website as well as their list of ingredients used in each product.

Check independent reviews

Feedbacks from other CBD users are the best way to find out if the products are about to buy are legit. Look for reviews on 3rd party websites like CBD MAP, Facebook or Google if available. Reviews on brands’ websites could be useful for product tips but it’s rare to find negative feedback on them, unfortunately.

Stay away from medical claims

Because CBD products are new on the market and only legal federally since December 2018, the FDA doesn’t allow CBD companies to make medical claim.

If any CBD product is marketed as a cure to cancer, COVID-19 or any other disease – it’s safer to stay away from this brand as they are not following the rules.

4 – Choose your concentration

Concentration is very important when it comes to CBD. It’s basically the amount of CBD present in the product that will determine the price range of your products.

The best tip to buy the right concentration is to think about the serving size.

Do you prefer 2 drops or a shot? 1 capsule or several gummies during the day?

Serving size varies from 2.5mg to 100mg of CBD. Why that much? Based on your size, the desired effects, and your body reaction – the amount changed from one person to the other. Think about coffee, some can only handle a cup when others can drink it all day.

5-10mg per servings is a good starting level if you are:
– smaller person (under 120lbs)
– usually more sensitive to substances
– looking for minor relief

10-20 mg per servings is a good starting level if you are:
– average size person (120 – 180lbs)
– not too sensitive to substances
– looking for mild relief

25-50mg per servings is a good starting level if you are:
– larger person (over 180lbs)
– usually showing high tolerance to substances
– looking for stronger relief
– looking for a sleep aid

The good news, you cannot take too much CBD. Clinical studies used up to 1,200mg of CBD per day on patients with no issues. In fact, there are never been a single CBD overdoese recorded – ever.

5 – CBD Price Range

How much should you pay for CBD? The easiest way to figure it out is to do some simple math.

Take the product price and divide it by the total amount of CBD in the container.

CBD costs on average between $0.02 to $0.20 per mg.

Factors influencing CBD prices

🟣 Fewer intermediates mean more affordable
🟣 Hemp quality and type of spectrum mater
🟣 Additional active ingredients will count on your bill
🟣 Fast-acting or better absorption technologies costs
🟣 Organic ingredients, grown in the US, pesticide-free

You know everything you need to shop CBD like a pro. Let’s get started shall we?

Our team researched and selected CBD brands based on the criteria highlighted in this article. All products mentioned or available on CBD MAP are third-party lab tested and loved by the CBD community. CBD MAP negotiate commissions and discounts on the products listed on the platform to continue providing independent reviews and free content for consumers.

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