There are resources all over the internet that praise CBD and its medicinal applications. But hardly anybody ever talks about how CBD can enhance your life in the bedroom with personal CBD products. Maybe it’s a little bit taboo, or maybe few people know about it.

CBD is making a grand entrance into the sex lives of some people in a very positive way. Many are trying CBD personal products (such as lubricant and massage oil) out of their sheer love for cannabis and experimentation. However, there are many who experience medicinal benefits from using CBD during sex.

In either case, adding CBD to the bedroom can make for a very interesting and indulgent manage-a-trois – even if you’re not into threesomes. For those who experience discomfort during sex, CBD can help to alleviate any pain. And for those who just like the idea of inviting cannabis into their most intimate and personal space, CBD is always happy to join the party

Why use CBD personal products?

benefits of CBD massage

So why might someone choose a personal lubricant that is infused with CBD? Why go for the CBD-infused massage oil instead of your regular old massage oil?

Well, there are a few different reasons why somebody might invite this much-loved cannabinoid into their relationship.

To start with, some people just love weed. Any excuse to use cannabis-related products is good enough – and adding it to the bedroom definitely sounds fun and exciting. Some of us really love to experiment when it comes to cannabis, and CBD lubricant or massage oil is a great way to keep getting to know cannabis.

These days, people are more and more drawn to body-friendly products – especially those that you’re going to be rubbing on your junk. CBD infused lubricants and massage oils are usually made with this in mind, and so contain natural ingredients that are non-toxic for the body. People might choose a CBD personal product or lubricant because it stays in line with their beliefs about their health.

Finally, some people experience discomfort during sex. It can happen as a result of physical injury, because of certain health conditions such as endometriosis, or even because of early childhood trauma.

Whatever the cause is for the pain or discomfort, using a CBD lubricant can help to decrease pain experienced during intercourse. It’s not necessarily all fun and games for everybody – these CBD personal products can have real medical applications. And we all know how important it is to have a healthy sex life!

Different Kinds of CBD Personal Products

There are a lot of different cannabis related intimacy products in dispensaries these days. There is quite a variety there to suit everybody’s needs. Beware that some of them contain THC, although using THC in this way will definitely not get you high.

It might make your nether regions feel a little bit different and funny, but there will be no cerebral effect whatsoever. Let’s have a look at some cannabis intimacy products that are worth trying at least once.

CBD Lubricant

Yes – CBD personal lubricant is a real thing. And it’s exactly what you imagine. It’s your same old personal lubricant only infused with cannabinoids.

There are a lot of companies manufacturing CBD lubricant these days. Some of them are making oil-based lubricants, which makes sense given that CBD is soluble in oils. But beware, oil-based lubricants are not appropriate to use with condoms as they degrade latex.

Some companies are also making water-based CBD lubricants. They are safe to use with condoms, but they usually contain chemical emulsifiers to allow the CBD to dissolve. Be careful of the ingredient list when using water-based CBD lubricants.

There are pioneers in the area of CBD lubricant, Foria being one of them. The recipes for their lubricant even contain other aphrodisiac herbs such as kava which can help a woman have a greater orgasm. In any case, certain companies have some pretty amazing recipes for their lubricants that are worth checking out.

CBD Massage Oil

Of the CBD personal products, CBD oils are the most common. CBD massages are becoming more and more popular across the USA in high-end spas. You can now request your regular massage with a CBD addition.

But you can also buy CBD massage oils and bring them into the bedroom with your lover. Massage oil infused with CBD can help to relax the muscles and the body before intimacy, assisting both parties in relaxation.

Cannabis Flavored Condoms

Unfortunately, there are no CBD infused condoms in the world yet. But for those who are die-hard cannabis lovers, there are cannabis flavored condoms. They make for a pretty realistic aroma and taste but don’t contain any cannabinoids. These are purely for fun and games and don’t really offer the user any medicinal benefits.

How to Make your own CBD Lubricant and Massage Oil

If you fancy yourself a DIY person, this is definitely a fun project for the kitchen. It’s extremely easy to make your own CBD lubricant or massage oil. In fact, you can use the same recipe as both a massage oil and a personal lubricant. Just beware that this recipe is made with oil, so you should never use it with a condom.

First, choose your oil base

Start by choosing your oil base. There are many different options. You can go for coconut oil, argan oil, almond oil, avocado oil or olive oil. The choice is entirely up to you, although there are some things to consider.

If you choose coconut oil, it is better to choose a fractionated coconut oil as it will stay a liquid at room temperature. Olive oil is always going to smell like olive oil – you may or may not be into the smell of Mediterranean cooking while you’re making love.

You can choose a mixture of these oils to get the consistency you’re looking for. You can add some avocado oil for thickness, some coconut oil for absorbency and some argan oil for luxury! Mix in whichever ratios you like to get the desired thickness and consistency.

It is better to stay away from waxes such as shea butter, cacao butter, and jojoba oil. These can basically get “stuck” inside the vagina and alter the way that the vagina recovers after sex. If you are very sparing with these ingredients, it is safe. But it’s better not to use any of these as the main base.

Then add your CBD

You can add CBD in the form of CBD oil or CBD isolate. It really doesn’t matter. The more CBD you add, the stronger the pain relieving and relaxing effect that will take place down there.

If you are using CBD isolate, you will have to use a double boiler method to heat your oils before dissolving the isolate. With CBD oil, you can mix it straight into cold oil. It will disperse better if you heat your base oils, but it isn’t necessary.

Add other extracts for a holistic experience

You are free to add whatever other aromatic oils that you like. Just be very careful. Do not add any aromatic oils that are not completely pure and natural. They will cause irritation and might ruin the whole experience. Also, stay away from essential oils that are antibacterial. They can disrupt the colonies of good bacteria living in the vagina.

If you need a few tips for getting started when it comes to adding some other aromatic essential oils, here is a list that can get you started

  • Jasmine essential oil is sensual and floral
  • Rose essential oil is perfect for romance
  • Peppermint essential oil can be used very sparingly to generate a sensation of heat on the genitals
  • Geranium essential oil can increase blood flow to the area
  • Lavender essential oil is relaxing and helps to keep tissues healthy

Your 2-in-1 lubricant and massage oil

This recipe doubles up as both a personal lubricant and a massage oil. It’s going to smell great and it will be loaded with CBD – depending on how much CBD you add. Hopefully, your partner loves the addition of this personal lubricant to your intimate experience. Remember – don’t use this lubricant with a condom.

In the bedroom, a CBD personal lubricant can help to decrease any feelings of pain or discomfort that someone might have during sex. And it’s always fun to invite cannabis into the bedroom!

CBD really can be used in a myriad of ways, some of which we don’t even think about.  So which of these CBD personal products do you want to start with?

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