Holidays are here! Gift your loved ones with a healthy and original CBD product from this curated list available with 2-day shipping.

For the Fitness Fans

CBD cooling cream

Perfect to ease sore muscles and inflammations.

 Calming Lavender Muscle Balm Stick

Offer the gift of natural relief with this very easy to use Balm stick combining the power of Lavender and Hemp-CBD.

For Coffee Lovers

CBD + Caffeine in a delicious Wild Berry Drink Mix by Hugs CBD

No crash, no jitters, just mix with water and enjoy 😊

– 12.5mg Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract per serving 🍃
– 75mg caffeine per serving ⚡

Ground Hemp Flower Coffee

Toasty, delightful hazelnut + CBD coffee to warm your body and comfort your mind.

For the Stressed Ones

CBD Gummies for someone who needs to chill

Gift them these delicious tropical gummies spiked with 30mg of Broad Spectrum CBD.

CBD Pods compatible w/Juul

The perfect way to relax without nicotine. Perfect for someone Juuling too much and they’re stressed!

Gift some rest

CBD + Chamomile in warm cup of tea

Sleep Gummies from Charlotte’s Web

A combination of CBD and melatonin to float into dreamland.

CBD + CBN combine in one tincture for bedtime

CBN is another cannabinoid extracted from Hemp that is being researched regarding its capabilities to facilitate sleep.

For Pet Owners

Hemp-CBD is also very helpful for dogs and cats. Separation anxiety, long trips or fireworks are some examples of stress that CBD could ease.

CBD Dog Treats

Award Winning Hemp Chews

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