Understanding the different types of CBD Vape on the market is not easy. So our team summarized it to help you shop the perfect product!

1 – CBD Disposable pen

The easiest way to vape CBD for the first time. A disposable pen is a discreet and slim vaping device that comes pre-filled with CBD and usually fully charged. Ready to use fresh out of the box, simply inhale to start vaping. Use as needed until the pen is empty – witch usually happens when there are no more clouds. Disposable pens are meant to discard after.

Quanta disposable CBD vape pen

2 – CBD Vape Cartridge

Vape cartridges are pre-filled doses of CBD Vape. The type of cartridge or pod will depend on the vaping device you have (also called vape battery).

CBD cartridge

You will need to buy the battery to vape this type of cartridge. The cartridge is disposable but the device can be charged and used on the next cartridges you like.

The type of battery is 510.

It’s the universal compatibility number.

510 Threaded battery

3 – CBD Vape eJuice

If you prefer using a refillable vape, then a CBD eJuice or eLiquid is what you need. Just like a flavored juice, fill your tank with CBD and start vaping. CBD eLiquids come in different concentrations.

Bhang 500mg CBD eJuice

Pick a higher concentration if you want to feel your CBD with a few puffs only.

Go with a lower concentration if you plan on vaping your CBD throughout the day.

4 – Dry Herb Vaporizer

Dry Herb vaporizer are meant to vape hemp or cannabis flowers. Grind your “buds” and fill up your vaporizer tank with it. The device will heat the flower around 350F to vaporize terpenes and cannabinoids like THC or CBD. Check out this article to learn more about vaping CBD.

Read the full article – How to vape CBD Flower

5 – CBD Dabs

Dabbing is basically vaping concentrate products in order to get a high dose of CBD (or THC with cannabis) at once.

You can dab CBD isolate also called CBD crystals. In the form of powder, CBD isolates could contain up to 99% CBD.

You can use a Concentrate Vaporizer to dab CBD.

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