CBD massage is a relatively new thing to become a part of the cannabis movement. You can probably guess that this special spa treatment includes both massage and CBD. There are a lot of people out there who could experience the benefits of CBD massage as an option for their next massage treatment.

It might never have occurred to the conventional cannabis user to include CBD in something like a massage treatment. But when we have a look at the kinds of medicinal properties that CBD has, it’s a mystery that we’ve gone so long without it.

CBD massage could potentially suit anybody, from those who have injuries to the elderly whose bodies need a little bit of TLC. In this article, we’re talking about all the benefits of using CBD during your next massage experience!

Benefits of Topical CBD

Benefits of CBD massage

It doesn’t come naturally for us to go rubbing cannabinoids all over our skin, but there are huge perks to doing this.

In other articles, we’ve covered the medicinal benefits of CBD oil in great detail. When it comes to topical applications, the main benefits we can consider are CBD’s analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and relaxing properties.

When you go in for a massage, it should be a holistic experience. You should not just feel nice for the 60-90 minutes of your massage. You should feel great for days to come, and CBD offers that potential.

By lathering the skin with CBD, the properties of this cannabinoid are being absorbed into the skin, thus allowing the muscles and skin to experience the remedial benefits.

Other than pain relief, CBD can reduce inflammation that is happening around joints or sore muscles. For the skin, CBD is loaded with antioxidants, which are known to rejuvenate and restore the skin.

CBD, unlike THC, is an intoxicant, and therefore can be enjoyed by anybody. In fact, when it is applied to the skin, little to no CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream. CBD provides localized relief and treatment directly to the part which it is applied to.

Who might benefit from a CBD massage?

As we mentioned, just about anybody could benefit from getting a nice long massage with the added benefits of CBD. However, for many people, it could be more than just a relaxing experience. It could have remedial benefits that your regular massage simply wouldn’t provide.

Athletes who experience muscle soreness and muscular fatigue could benefit from the anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties of a CBD massage.

CBD for Pain

Elderly people can enjoy a massage with CBD that can reduce inflammation in the joints. It can potentially even provide some relief for arthritis.

People who have skin irritations such as eczema or dermatitis can benefit greatly from a CBD massage. Sometimes products used in spas can irritate skin conditions like these, but CBD can provide anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory relief.

Anybody who has any sort of musculoskeletal or joint pain could find extreme relief with a CBD massage.

Where to get a CBD massage

The next big question is: how can I start experiencing the benefits of CBD massage? where do I get one?

For our readers who are lucky enough to live in a cannabis-friendly part of the USA, then there might be a place just around the corner. CBD is very quickly becoming an option in a lot of beauty spas. All you need to do is ask your local massage therapist if there is a possibility of adding CBD to your next treatment.

If you’re a little bit shy to wander around town asking for a CBD massage, perhaps you can ask your partner or friend instead.

All you need to do is add a few drops of CBD oil to the massage oil. The dosage can depend entirely upon you.

Now you are ready to receive a CBD-infused massage.

The union of massage and cannabinoids

Benefits of CBD

There’s really no wonder that CBD has taken the health and beauty industry completely by storm. Often, massage and beauty therapists have to search far and wide for a variety of products that can provide the kind of benefits that CBD as a single product can. Being able to combine the two into a single beauty or massage treatment is good for the therapist as it is for the patient.

On its own, massage is a natural remedy for a lot of ailments. There is something healing about touch.

Adding CBD to the picture is kind of like adding an invisible extra pair of hands that can work in ways that the human hand simply can’t.

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