Over the past few days, the Coronavirus outbreak has consumed the entire country, with preventive measures taken at the city and state level.

Here are a few tips to help CBD retailers operate while protecting their customers and local community:

1 . It’s not business as usual

While some stores may have seen a rush of customers stocking CBD products in case of an eventual quarantine, it is very important to prepare to operate your business with fewer to no costumers coming in.

2. Adapt your retail space

Safety measures to avoid spreading the virus include practicing social distancing with a 6ft zone between each person outside of home. Below are the few things you can set up to keep your customers and team safe.

◾ Mark the checkout line with tape to allow 6ft between each customer

◾ Limit the number of customers inside your store at the same time (1 guest per 6 sq ft of your public space). Offer appointment-only or invite customers to wait outside if your store is full.

◾ Create an “Order Pick-Up” area to reduce contact with customers. Use a cart or counter and place signs to guide customers

◾ Facilitate curbside pickup when possible

3. Avoid using cash

Invite your customers to pay with their mobile or debit/credit cards to avoid handling cash. Coins and bills are known to be harbingers of bacteria and viruses. If you still want to accept cash, dedicate a specific employee at the cashier with gloves who will handle cash.

4. Allow customers to order online

As more restrictions will be put in place as COVID-19 spreads across the country, it’s highly recommended to move your business online to be ready to operate behind closed doors. Your customers will still need CBD, and perhaps even more so during the upcoming weeks, so offering a convenient way to access your inventory is vital as the crisis progresses.

Here is a simple way to do it:

◾ Put your products online using an e-commerce platform or CBD MAP.

◾ Connect with your credit card processor or use CBD MAP to sell online.

◾ Decide if you want to offer pick-up, local delivery, or shipping

◾ Contact your customers preemptively to let them know they can keep shopping with you.

◾ Receive confirmations via email to prepare orders

5. Protect your employees

It’s important that your employees feel safe if they have to come into work.

◾ Make the bathroom accessible and stocked with anti-bacterial soap as employees will wash their hands more often.

◾ Opt for disposable paper towels

◾ Provide gloves to employees, especially at the cashier

◾ Sanitize the work areas (like counters and cashiers) multiple times a day with sanitized wipes.

6. Get financial help from the government

With a nationwide state of emergency declared by President Trump on March 13th, 2020, financial assistance is being deployed to support local businesses and the retail industry. You can find additional information from the Small Business Association.

We hope these few tips will help keep your business operating during the upcoming weeks. CBD MAP is committed to helping local businesses set up online stores and provide local delivery in multiple cities across the US.

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