Facebook released on May 19th, 2020 a new feature called Facebook Shops, giving businesses the opportunity to sell their products directly on the social media platform.

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What is Facebook Shops?

Facebook Shops is lighter and free version of Shopify to display products on your Facebook Business page. It’s designed for small businesses to easily setup and brick & mortar shop without any specific skills or budget.

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Facebook Shops for CBD

Until now, Facebook was not a place to do business if you were in the CBD industry. Facebook Ads for CBD oil and other ingestible products are still not allowed on both Instagram and Facebook although hemp-derived CBD has been federally legalized in 2018.

With the new Facebook Shops, we were hoping to see some updates for their strict policy regarding advertising and selling legal CBD products – So we checked…

Source : Facebook Commerce Policy

CBD is a prohibited content on Facebook Shops

Similar to their advertising policy, Facebook has not changed a bit its position when it comes to CBD. CBD is a “prohibited content” according to Facebook Commerce Policy so you are not allowed not to shop, or publish CBD products on both Facebook and Instagram.

Alternative options

If you are looking to setup an online menu for your CBD business, CBD MAP is offering a similar tool comparable to Facebook Shops allowing you to publish CBD products for shopping on your store listing. CBD MAP online menu has full e-commerce capabilities including accepting credit cards and offering store pick-up, delivery, or shipping at checkout.

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