What are the effects of CBD and what is it used for? Keep reading to learn the answers to these questions and more.

Not sleeping well from pain or anxiety? Having a hard time with mental clarity throughout the day? Difficulty in managing stress and eating habits? All of these things are connected and CBD could help bring them back into balance.

How is CBD effective in so many seemingly different conditions? CBD works by activating the endocannabinoid system, which intimately tied to many aspects of bodily functions that work to balance health.

Keep reading to learn more about how CBD could help improve your quality of life.

Reduce Stress, Anxiety, & Muscle Tension

Often, we don’t realize how tight our body, or mind, is until we try to relax at the end of the day. One way that CBD can help you relax is by reducing muscle and nervous system tension.

Cannabidiol’s ability to relieve tension and tightness has led researchers to indicate that it may be highly beneficial for muscular and nervous system problems.

CBD can also help you relax. If chronic anxiety is giving you headaches and tense muscles you can use CBD to help reduce the stress.

Numerous studies in animals and humans have shown that cannabidiol can reduce stress-related anxiety. Researchers believe CBD’s affinity to bind with the neuro-receptor, 5-HT1A, to be the main cause of the effect.

This receptor in the brain is basically like a signaling hub for emotional processing, leading scientists to suggest that CBD may be useful for reducing symptoms from anxiety, depression, and other stressful conditions.

Increase Mental Clarity & Focus

Modern life is filled with constant distraction. Sometimes we’re so overwhelmed with everything we have to do that it can be difficult to focus on what’s right in front of us.

How can CBD help with focus? First, increased relaxation in the mind and body allows for much more mental capacity to be dedicated to focusing on the task at hand.

Secondly, if you have chronic pain or anxiety issues, focusing on anything at all can become a challenge. Cannabidiol can help reduce the overwhelming distraction of pain, allowing you to get back into the swing of daily life.

Studies on ADHD and Alzheimer’s patients suggest CBD can improve cognitive functions, although researchers are still working to understand how.

Control Appetite

Overweight? Eating too much? Emotionally eating? How hungry we do, or don’t, feel is very much tied to our emotional wellness.

Research shows that CBD can suppress appetite and may be greatly beneficial in obesity. One study into CBD’s effects on Obesity showed the substance to –

  • Reduce accumulated lipid (bad fats) levels
  • Increase metabolism
  • Protect from fatty-liver disease

Reduce Chronic Pain & Inflammation

The first recorded use for cannabis, over 4,000 years ago, was as a pain-reliever. Today, pain is one of the leading conditions being studied by CBD researchers.

Cannabidiol supports the body’s natural pain-relief system by reducing “pain-signals” being sent to the brain. It also reduces signaling from the immune system responsible for causing inflammation.

What’s even better is that, unlike traditional pain medications, CBD is non-habit forming and non-toxic, meaning there’s no potential for addiction or overdose.

Conditions such as MS or Migraines cause a type of pain known as neuropathic pain. Often, traditional OTC and prescription painkillers aren’t effective in reducing this kind of common chronic pain.

Many studies now show CBD to be significantly more effective in treating neuropathic than opioid-based pills and over-the-counter medicines.

Learn More about CBD Oil

You can learn more about the effects of CBD in our other articles linked below. With less stress and pain you can finally get your quality of life back.

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