does walmart sell CBD

CBD is almost everywhere! But can you actually find CBD products at Walmart?

Buying CBD at Walmart Stores

Walmart does not sell any CBD products, even hemp-CBD. You will be able to find Hemp seeds and Hemp oil in the food section. But these products do not contain CBD, or only traces of it. Be careful the packaging could be very similar between Hemp Oil Capsules and CBD oil Capsules, Yet, the benefits and the price are very different. 

Difference between Hemp oil and Hemp-CBD oil

Hemp oil and CBD oil are both extracted from hemp, however only products mentioning CBD will contain the cannabinoid you are looking for.

Hemp oil is extracted from the hemp seeds, which are rich in protein but do not contain any cannabinoids. Considered as a safe food by the FDA, hemp seeds are a great way to add vegetal protein into your diet. Prices start at $9.99 per bottle on

hemp cbd oil walmart

CBD oil is much different. The CBD or cannabidiol is extracted from the hemp plant including the flower, the leaves, and the stalks. The extract is then added to MCT oil – a derived of coconut oil – to create the CBD oil. Why use coconut? The MCT oil helps you to absorb the CBD and provide a long-lasting effect.

CBD oil is not available at Walmart because the FDA did not give any statement on the safety of CBD. Yet many studies and user testimonials have shown CBD to be safe with many benefits that could replace expensive drugs. CBD oil cannot be sold as a food supplement until the FDA approves it, however, it is not a priority for the agency as no public danger has been identified.

To find CBD products that work, visit a local CBD store. They work with CBD users on a daily basis and select products that work for them and their customers. Use CBD MAP to find a store near you.

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