1 – Simply Ask

The easiest way to get a review from a happy customer is to ask nicely. The best way it’s to include your request in your usual thank you goodbye sentence. “Thanks for Shopping with Us, we would be thankful if you could leave us a review online”

2 – Remind with Collaterals

An effective way to get reviews is to remind your customers that they can review your store online. Slip a flyer in their bag, or post a sticker by your cashier. We’ve got nice designs ready to print to help you get started.

3 – Relay on Social Media

If your clients follow you on social media, asking nicely for a review is a great option. You could use some of our templates ready to be published on Facebook or Instagram. Make sure to add the link to your store!

4 – Organize a Giveaway

A nice way to incentive reviews is to plan is to set up a lottery. Prepare a nice gift basket as a grand prize and leaving a review is the entry ticket. The winner gets to pick from the list of reviewers. 

5 – Reach out to you Customers

If you register your customer’s email or phone number, you can easily set up a FREE Review Campaign with CBD MAP. To learn more and click on the button below